40 Backpacking Hacks, Volume 2: Tried & True Tricks of the Trail

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A fun collection of wilderness backpacking tips from the host of the popular podcast, The First 40 Miles.

40 Backpacking Hacks: Tried and True Tricks of the Trail, Volume 2

I love a good life hack.

If there’s a clever, new way to use household items or a fun idea for how to make something easier, cheaper, or more efficient, I’m all for it.

And that goes for trail time, too! Backpacking hacks can make your trip more creative, comfortable, entertaining and fun. In fact, backpacking is the perfect opportunity to exercise that creativity muscle.

You can use the backpacking hacks in this book to get you started—but before long, I promise, you’ll be coming up with your own backpacking hacks. You’ll discover new ways to fix problems, create customized gear, and turn your one-trick ponies into multi-use items.

So whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or you’ve yet to step foot on the trail, I invite you to approach backpacking with a healthy dose of open-mindedness. You’ll discover something new every single time.

Why is the first hack in this book “#41?” In case you missed it, this is my second book of backpacking hacks. Check out volume 1 for hacks #1-40. Each hack comes from the “Backpack Hack of the Week” of an episode of The First 40 Miles Podcast. It’s a weekly podcast for people who are new to backpacking and hiking, which I host with my husband, Josh.

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