Hit It Off With Anyone in 60 Seconds

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Connect Instantly: 60 Seconds to Likability, Meaningful Connections & Hitting It Off With Anyone 

Connect Instantly is about breaking the ice with anyone and setting the stage for friendships and relationships where there doesn’t appear to be anything in common, a situation travelers encounter on a daily basis.  Learn how to turn from 'stranger' to 'friend' in record time and make chance encounters lifelong mates.


TRAVEL TIP:  We prefer paperbacks to hardbacks and eBooks when traveling, for several reasons.  They're lighter to carry than hardbound editions, obviously, more accessible, satisfyingly tactile and shareable than Kindle editions.  A great tradition you might consider with books while on the road is to put your name and hometown, or location where you read the book in the inside cover and pass it along or swap with someone for another when finished.  Your book just might travel around the World!