Kicking Ass on the Road: The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman Traveler

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Thinking of traveling solo? Keen for super fun adventures? Ready to be more independent? Want to meet other amazing people? Welcome to your ultimate guide for going solo and having the time of your life. This book will give you everything you need to prepare, what to do whilst you’re there, how to travel safe, tips on romantic liaisons, how to travel cheap and much much more!   "In all my years working on books, I have never come across a better written book on travel.” Pamela Anderson, Freelance Editor.  Set out in easy to read chapters, this guide will help you:    Prepare for your trip (including personal, health, insurance, as well as cultural preparations).  Pack: helping you pack for any adventure.  Comprehensive accommodation and travel booking tips.  Everything you need to enjoy days and nights out when you’re there.  How to be confident stepping out by yourself. Romance on the road: how to do it & what to look out for.  How to look after you on your journey.  The ultimate safety guide, tips & tricks.  Comprehensive guidance on traveling cheaply. Advice for those wanting to travel for longer periods of time. Helping you go back home.    Packed full of useful advice, checklists and mind maps for everything you need to travel alone with style. This guide is for those wanting everything they need to travel by themselves (or with others), all in the one place. It is a must read for every woman traveler.