Lewis & Clark Woolite Kit

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Individuals have trusted Woolite in their homes since 1951, and now it’s available to take on the road. With these lightweight, portable packets, you can wash your clothes in sinks, bathtubs, basins, or even washing machines. Perfect for hotels, hostels, dorms, or camping sinks. Biodegradable. Safe on both whites and colors. Will not shrink, stretch or fade most fabrics.Take on cruises, vacations, business trips, backpacking, and roadtrips. Dry cleaning at hotels can be prohibitive, and who wants to spend valuable hours at the laundromat when you could be out exploring? Save space and reduce the weight of your load by washing out socks and undergarments at night before bed. With these soap packets, you’ll wake up to clean, fresh clothes. Packets measure 4" x 2", and slip into the narrowest compartments. Includes eight .25oz packets of Woolite. Kit includes sink stoppers, which many rooms don't have. Meets TSA carry-on guidelines.