Live Your Road Trip Dream

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Live Your Road Trip Dream: Travel for a Year for the Cost of Staying Home

Boomers, Gen-Xers, Seniors and more everyone has a dream of that long trip that they ve had in the back of their mind. If so many dream it, why do so few do it?


Authors Phil and Carol White believe it is not only fear of the unknown, but more importantly, inertia. It takes a fair amount of thinking and planning to take off for an extended period says Carol, but the rewards of working through your issues and actually getting out of town to see our country or another place, will be with you forever. Don t wait for some other time start planning now.

The White s award-winning, how-to book, Live Your Road Trip Dream is now released in its second edition after a very successful three printings of the first edition. Due to the popularity of road tripping, but not just amongst the retired set, the White s have included expanded coverage of topics of interest to the younger generation.

Today s younger generations aren t waiting until retirement to hit the road says Phil, they want to do it now if they can figure out how. With our expanded sections on sabbaticals, working on the road and road-schooling for children, we ve covered many of the topics that we get asked about frequently.

And the Whites do get asked often. As National Spokespersons for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, they speak at such prestigious conferences as AARP s Life@50+, and attend national conventions like The Good Sam Club s Great North American RV Rally, and talk to the press frequently as experts on road tripping. The Whites are also frequent guests on TV and radio and have been featured speakers for AAA in their home state of Oregon.

Live Your Road Trip Dream is more than an inspiring adventure, more than an information-packed how-to guide to help you turn your personal travel dream into reality it is the ultimate handbook to turn your wanderlust into action.