Road Trip Planner

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Road Trip Planner: Vacation Planner & Travel Journal

Diary for 4 Trips, with Checklists, Itinerary & more 

Keep all your travel plans and memories in one place with this spacious logbook. Store four trips: one of up to 21 days, two up to 15 days and one up to 9 days. Thick white paper (55lb) to minimize ink bleed-through. Tough matte paperback cover. Secure professional trade paperback binding. Built to last.

Each trip is split into three clear sections:

A Title Page with summary boxes for each day's major activity & a large space for maps and/or memorable images.

A Detailed Planner area with log boxes for the daily schedule of activities, their duration, booking status & costings. Calculate totals for any numerical entries, e.g. mileage, duration or budgets. There's also a space for each evening's accommodation details.

A Retrospective Travel Diary. One full page for each day with question prompts, rankings & plenty of space for your own thoughts.

There are five Appendices:

Checklists for preparation & general packing, plus space to build lists for specialist holidays.

- Maps of the world time zones.

Temperature data for 50+ North & Central American cities, 25+ European cities and further selected major world cities.

- An emergency travel quiz (useful for keeping little people happy!)

- A password & address storage area for online bookings and general contact details.