Terrifying Campfire Tales

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13 Terrifying Tales to Tell Around the Campfire:

'It's Under the Bed' and Other Scary Stories for Kids

"Almost everyone enjoys a good scare now and then, especially kids. In recent years, much of the ‘scary’ stuff that’s out there relies on blood and a bucketful of guts to gross out the reader, viewer or listener. These stories should be a welcome break from those kinds of scares, relying more on imagination and creepiness rather than gore, at least that was the intent when I sat down to write them. A word of caution, some children may not be up to some of the tales contained within - if in doubt, give these stories a quick skim before reading them aloud around a campfire or at a sleepover. Feel free to change endings or omit parts you think may be disturbing to little listeners. In that light, the last story might be the one to end with if you want them to get to sleep on time, as it’s a bit silly and has a funny ending - at least it was funny when I first heard my uncle tell it to me when I was a little kid, and I guess it still kind of is, so I guess I haven’t grown up that much.

Other than the final tale which is loosely based on an old story many may have heard in some form, and which was passed down the generations from my family, these stories are all my original creations, gathered from ideas and nightmares I remember being scared of when I was a child, and some, I must admit, still scare me to this day.

Remember, there’s no shame in sleeping with a nightlight, or in letting the batteries drain on your flashlight when you leave it on all night next to your sleeping bag within easy grasp. After all, it can’t do any harm, and no one else has to know…"