Tiny House Basics: Living the Good Life in Small Spaces

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The Joy of Tiny House Living

Tiny House Basics shows you how you can join the revolution to downsize to small space living without giving up everything you hold dear. This is not about downsizing drastically, or giving up a lot of your necessities, but redefining what a house is and mastering organization, location and happiness. 

Written by an avid camping couple, Shelley & Joshua present the best tips and tricks to help you enter the world of small space living.

You will learn:

• How to maintain a good relationship in a small space
• Practical downsizing for everyone
• Small space living with pets
• The pros and cons of off grid vs. on grid living
• How to make your small space feel big
• Keeping your space feeling fresh with practical storage solutions & design tips
• Equipping your space for entertaining
• Accordion/bi-fold style windows
• How downsizing and simplifying your life will allow you more time freedom