Tiny House: Build Your Own Sustainable Tiny Home for Living and Recreation

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Tiny homes are in vogue like never before, and although some may scoff at the notion of building a house many times smaller than your average apartment space, those that have taken the leap into the world of tiny homes have never been happier. This book teaches you how you can create your very own sustainable tiny home for living and recreation. It’s not as hard as you might think, and this book shows you exactly how to do it. From floor plans, securing a foundation to final furnishings on the home this book give you a bird’s eye view as to how you can make your building dreams a reality. Along with construction, this book also demonstrates how you can make the best of zoning and other regulations in order to get the best out of your tiny home. Learn about things such as “auxiliary dwellings” and exactly what you can and can not classify your tiny home as. Discover how you can:

  • Build a tiny home
  • Set up electricity
  • Install plumbing
  • And much more!