Tipi Tent Fairy Lights

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 Upgrade Your Tipi Tent with our Tipi Light Set!

Our battery operated string lights are perfect to use as a decorative addition to tipi tents of all shapes and sizes. Battery operated LED light bulbs are wrapped inside plastic tubes for maximum security, so the lights WILL NEVER get warm. Designed to fit almost all common shaped tipis.

  • 75 micro LED bulb set
  • Center placement ring, 5 strings with lights (each string is 55’’ long and consists of 15 led bulbs)
  • Easy Install - Slips into the sleeves that hold the tipi poles
  • Works on 3 AA batteries. 
  • Portable - Will work everywhere
  • Safe to touch - Lights will never get hot
  • New batteries last at least 25 hours of non-stop lighting
  • Great for traveling, camping, outdoor events like
  • Can safely touch lights even after 20 hours of usage